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Hosting from 0.07$ per kW/h

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About us


data centers operate

265 MW

currently running

1 GW

planned expandability

76 000

mining machines running simultaneously


international specialists in our team


10 different countries from EU, Asia and North America are represented by our clients


Balanced mining plan

24/7 mining: 24 hours a day
Uptime 99,9%
kW/h 0,07 $

Eco mining plan

Flexible uptime with short outages to minimize the electricity price: 702 hours of uptime per month
Uptime 96%
kW/h 0,06 $

You only pay for electricity! Prices are indicated including VAT

  • GoMining employee

    Gomining is an international company specialized in construction and maintenance of data centers and high-voltage infrastructure.

  • GoMining

    GoMining selects the locations with the lowest power rates to optimise returns for our investors.

  • Generating electricity

    Generating electricity:

    • GoMining is an all inclusive business model that is custom made for each individual client;
    • GoMining has full control of all power generation guaranteeing a 99.9% uptime;
    • GoMining has Low-cost transport and delivery for your mining machines via our in-company logistics department;
    • GoMining offers discounted prices of new mining machines from all leading manufacturers.
  • Territory top view

    With each data centre as a test bed for on-going engineering innovations, GoMining are well positioned to be at the forefront of R&D in the crypto mining space.

    This, giving you the most up to date and cost effective technology available to maximise your returns.

  • Service center

    Included in your plane we offer an in-house world-class maintenance and repair service, certified by all leading manufacturers to minimise any down-time and costs.

    At every facility there are multiple Internet channels for security and trouble free connection.

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To start with GoMining:

  • Contact us
    Supply GoMining with the number of machines you wish to host and their current location, we will calculate the logistics of delivery and set up. Next, we will help you to choose a mining plan that suites your budget. Please read all terms and conditions.
  • Prepare shipment
    Pack your machines ready for pick up and we will do the rest, prepare all papers for transport, customs etc, Speedy delivery to the Data Centre for you to start your worry free mining.
  • Full remote control
    Once the shipment has arrived, GoMining will check all equipment before installation and supply access to your account where you will be able to remotely control and monitor their operation from anywhere in the world.

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Balanced Mining Plan

24/7, uptime 99,9%

Accommodation cost per month
income estimated per month
Calculation based on current cryptocurrency network data and cryptocurrency market price

Eco Mining Plan

Optimized energy supply

Accommodation cost per month
income estimated per month
Calculation based on current cryptocurrency network data and cryptocurrency market price

Free tour

We invite you to visit our data-centers and examine our advantages and service by yourself. If you seriously consider taking a tour from another country as a sign of our gratitude we will be glad to cover your accommodation and local transport expenses.